A Time to Love

Everyday life for Dr. Melanie Kerr had consisted of happy deliveries and bundles of joy…until her worst nightmare became reality. The first deaths in her OR during an emergency C-section. Both mother and child, one month before Christmas. About to perform her first Caesarean since the tragedy, Melanie loses her nerve and flees the OR. She packs her bags and catches a flight to Budapest. Perhaps time spent in the city her lost patient hailed from, can help her find the healing and peace she desperately needs to be a good doctor again.

Since the filming of Jordan’s Journeys’ hit TV serial “Life Begins at Sixty” ended earlier in the year, journalist and TV host Jordan Stanson has gone from one assignment to the next. But before he can take a break, he has a final episode to film—“Zac’s First Christmas”. Not only is he looking forward to relaxing at his parents’ seaside home, he can’t wait to see his godchild, Zac, the baby born to the aging Dunhams. His boss, however, has squeezed in another documentary for him to complete before Christmas—uncovering the tragedy surrounding the doctor the country came to love on his show, the beautiful Dr. Kerr.

In order to chronicle her journey through grief and failure, Jordan has no choice but to get close to this woman. Something he has both tried and failed at in the past. He hopes through this assignment, he’ll be able to help her realize the tragedy wasn’t her fault. But even in a city so far away from home, work once again becomes the major catalyst to hinder romance between Jordan and Melanie.

That, and a thing called honesty.

The eBook of A Time to Love is currently only available in the Snowflakes & Snuggles box set.

“I love to travel the world. Anytime I get a hankering to take a trip I pick up a book by Marion Ueckermann. I know she will transport me to some exotic place and the story will intrigue me. A Time to Love does just that. Melanie is fighting an inward battle only she can fight. She takes off to Budapest, Hungary in search of answers. Jordan is a famous TV journalist and Dr. Melanie Kerr is his newest assignment. Will it ruin any chance of a relationship with her? Marion Ueckermann skillfully takes us with these two to Budapest and their journey for answers. Just as they are about to discover a few, a phone call from home changes everything. Plus a passenger on the plane needs help. The story is very sweet. The characters are real and the action will keep you reading. You won’t go wrong by picking up this 5-star journey.” ~ Amazon Review

“Not only have I learned from these wonderful tidbits of history that Marion Ueckermann has included in A Time to Love, but she has woven the story so well, that I feel like I have actually visited Budapest, have tasted the food, and have seen the sites. This is a very touching story of failure, fears, forgiveness, and finding faith & trust when we don’t understand the bad things happening around us. I beta read this, and then read it again in the collection Snowflakes & Snuggles. I freely chose to leave my own honest review, because I thoroughly enjoyed this book!” ~ Becky Smith, Amazon Review

“Marion Ueckermann skillfully weaves believable characters and themes of misunderstanding and forgivenes with a page turning plot and a travel log from South Africa to Budapest into this emotionally charged romance. The Shoes on the Danube made me weep. The strategically placed setbacks in Melanie and Jordan’s romance made me read to the finish and the resolution gripped me. Inspiring – more than just a romance story.” ~ Renate Pennington, Amazon Review

“Another delightful read from this author. I loved catching back up with the characters from A Time to Laugh. I thoroughly enjoyed following Melanie and Jordan’s story in this book, and Marion had me feeling like I was walking the streets of Budapest with them. Thanks to Marion for another wonderful book. I was given a copy of this book by the author but a positive review was not required.” ~ Anne Ellison, Amazon Review